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How To Wash A Ski Jacket The Right Way

How To Wash A Ski Jacket The Right Way

Skiing is a great hobby, but it requires quite a bit of equipment to enjoy. In addition to things like skis, boots, and poles, you are also going to need a quality ski jacket. It’s sure to be cold when you hit the slopes, so your jacket is going to handle the task of keeping you both warm and dry. Here’s how to wash a ski jacket to keep it in great shape.

The Basics

Of course, after you ski hard in your jacket all da—or all weekend—you’re going to need to wash it. Let’s take a look at some basic steps you can follow to wash your ski jacket and get it ready for your next trip:

  • Empty all of the pockets (and remove lift tickets) before washing
  • Zip the jacket and close pocket flaps
  • Wash the jacket by itself in an empty washing machine
  • Check the instructions on the tag for any special considerations
  • Use quality activewear detergent(try WIN Detergent)
  • Do NOT use fabric softener or bleach
  • Machine wash with cold water
  • Hang to air dryin a warm place away from sunlight

Important Notes

** Do NOT wash down jackets(the label will likely recommend dry clean only)

** Washing will always erode the DWR waterproof coating, so wash only when needed. If your jacket is synthetic, it will have a waterproof coating.

The Importance Of Base Layers

One way to help reduce the need to regularly washing your ski jacket is to wear appropriate base layers. These internal layers can help prevent your body oils and sweat from reaching the inside of your jacket. High quality base layers and jackets will wick moisture away as water vapor—but the salts and oils from your skin can still get trapped in these layers.

Of course, while these layers protect your jacket, they can get pretty dirty—and stinky­—in the process. A quality activewear detergent like WIN Sports Detergent can help you to easily remove odors from your base layers, helping to ensure they stay fresh and keep your jacket fresh too!

WIN Sports Detergent is made specifically for athletic apparel. It includes several ingredients that are not found in regular detergents, which separate oils from synthetic fibers. With WIN, you will have a detergent that is designed to target the oils from your skin and remove them from the fibers of your garments. The result is clothing that smells fresh and new every time you pull them out of the wash!

Why Wash Your Ski Jacket By Itself?

Washing your ski jacket in an empty washing machine is crucial. Remember, your jacket is a pretty big piece of clothing with lots of zips and pockets. If washed with other items, it could snag on them. Other items could also scratch and damage your jacket. Additionally, the inside of the coat it is likely to hold on to a lot of water during the wash. That means it’s going to get heavy.

The bottom line is that putting too much in the washing machine along with the jacket could cause problems during the spin cycle. It’s better to err on the side of caution and simply wash your jacket alone.

Caring For Waterproof Ski Jackets

Note that any time you wash a waterproof jacket, you will erode the DWR coating. If you own a waterproof ski jacket, you can take some extra steps during the washing process to improve its longevity.

A good way to check on the quality of your jacket’s waterproofing is to check if it is soaking water up or beading water on the surface. It should be beading, so if it’s soaking or staining, it’s time to take action.

After running through the wash using the steps noted above, you can run your jacket through the wash a second time with a wash-in waterproofing solution for clothing.

Do I Really Need to Wash My Jacket?

It’s true that you may not need to wash your ski jacket as frequently as your base layers, but it is important to wash it from time to time. There is sure to be dirt and other buildup accumulating on the jacket with each run. That buildup can actually impact the performance of the jacket, wearing it down over time. By giving your jacket a periodic washing, you may be able to extend its useful life—which is helpful considering the cost of these garments.

If you decide not to wash your jacket between trips, be sure to at least brush away any dirt or debris, and treat any stains right away.

When To Wash

Here are a few helpful tips on when to wash your jacket:

  • If you have a big ski trip coming up, wash your jacket well in advance so it can be packed and ready to go
  • Don’t try to wash your jacket in the morning before you go out skiing, as it may take quite a while to dry
  • Be sure to wash your jacket shortly after any ski outing that was particularly dirty/muddy/messy
  • When planning for a ski trip, check on the availability of laundry machines where you’re staying, so you can wash your jacket during the trip if necessary
  • At the end of a season, be sure to give your jacket a good wash so it can be ready for the next year

WIN Your Next Ski Trip

To get your ski base layers and jacket ready for your next ski trip, use WIN Detergent as your partner for the washing process. Our detergent is specifically designed to remove sweat and body oils from synthetic activewear like base layers, jackets, and more.